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Skin Care Regimen – by request

Skin Care Regimen – by request

Skin care!!

My skincare routine has been HIGHLY requested by friends. So, here you are.

A little background into my skincare geekitude: I almost went to medical school and became a dermatologist, and would have likely wanted to do plastic and reconstructive surgery as well. Instead, through an entirely accidental set of circumstances, I became a corporate accountant for a Fortune 500 company, and skincare remains a side passion. Someday, I’ll take some reduced hours and go to aesthetician school so that I can dabble in my skincare love in a more direct way, and help others to love their skin as I’ve learned to do.

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Skincare: Skincare Line?

I’ve been experimenting with making some new skincare products. If I were to open an etsy shop, would anyone be interested?

Link to my previous blog on my skincare regime.

I’ve been getting creative, and testing the products on myself. I have to say my skin is nicer than it’s been in some time, and the worry lines on my forehead are almost gone!

Some recent creations that I’ve been testing:

  • brown sugar and heavy cream moisturizing face wash
  • brown sugar lip scrub
  • coffee exfoliating/refining scrub
  • milk and honey soothing mask
  • cocoa butter moisturizing melt
  • baking soda and sea salt foot soak

I also love making scented products. They’d be all natural, and the line could potentially include lotion, linen spray, body wash, moisturizer, body butter, and perfume-style scent.

Any interest? Any thoughts?