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Skin Care Regimen – by request

Skin Care Regimen – by request

Skin care!!

My skincare routine has been HIGHLY requested by friends. So, here you are.

A little background into my skincare geekitude: I almost went to medical school and became a dermatologist, and would have likely wanted to do plastic and reconstructive surgery as well. Instead, through an entirely accidental set of circumstances, I became a corporate accountant for a Fortune 500 company, and skincare remains a side passion. Someday, I’ll take some reduced hours and go to aesthetician school so that I can dabble in my skincare love in a more direct way, and help others to love their skin as I’ve learned to do.

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We don’t have cable (and by extension, haven’t seen a commercial in a year — this is relevant I swear)
L. can’t sit still through most movies. Documentaries on cool science stuff or health things will hold his attention, as will WELL DONE movies from classic books. Especially writers like Sherman Alexi, Alice Walker, etc. He’s just too smart for most movies, whose writers assume their audience to be idiots.

For Christmas from my boss I got two movie passes for AMC.

I looked at their website and don’t recognize the names of ANY of the movies at all.

Who’s seen a movie lately? What do you recommend?

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Emergency Vet Fund

Everyone please see this link: http://supercrush.livejournal.com/160837.html

My friend’s dog was attacked by an animal in their yard when she was outside for only 5 minutes tonight, and they may or may not be able to save her. If people were willing to donate even $5, it could potentially make the difference in whether they have to make care decisions based on money.

Their paypal email is supercrush@gmail.com

I will vouch for them, and I know the little dog. She is the sweetest little dog you could ever know.

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