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Skin Care Regimen – by request

Skin Care Regimen – by request

Skin care!!

My skincare routine has been HIGHLY requested by friends. So, here you are.

A little background into my skincare geekitude: I almost went to medical school and became a dermatologist, and would have likely wanted to do plastic and reconstructive surgery as well. Instead, through an entirely accidental set of circumstances, I became a corporate accountant for a Fortune 500 company, and skincare remains a side passion. Someday, I’ll take some reduced hours and go to aesthetician school so that I can dabble in my skincare love in a more direct way, and help others to love their skin as I’ve learned to do.

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Skincare: DIY Mini Peel

I was reading an interesting blog post by Leslie Baumann, M.D. She is highly credentialed and wrote the book “The Skin Type Solution.”

In the post, linked above, she discusses a DIY home peel one can do. It’s geared toward brides, but obviously can be done at any time:

“Try this trick, a favorite among dermatologists: Apply a thick coat of your usual retinoid (like Retin-A, for example) to your skin seven to 10 days prior to a big event. Your skin will be red and start to peel about four to five days later, but by day six or seven, you will have a noticeable glow. Essentially, it’s like a mild at-home peel. Try this trick a few weeks prior to the wedding to see how you react, though the week of a big event should not be the first time you try this.”

I did this last weekend with my prescription Retin-A (.025% gel)

My skin yesterday and today looks AMAZING.

About 3 days after I did the Retin-A masque, I began to get peeling. However, I kept using a mild buff puff and salycilic acid cleanser to clear the peelies once a day. At night I did a quick wipedown with a mild makeup remover and then followed it with a baby wipe so as to not irritate my skin further, and then put on a thick coat of Oil of Olay night cream. In addition, I moisturized each morning with a thick coat of Salicylic acid gel moisturizer, and did not use any makeup other than mascara for the week.

My cleanser and day gel can both be found in the Zapzyt Acne Pack. I can’t use the night treatment cuz I’m allergic to Benzoyl Peroxide, but the other two are AWESOME products.

I’m going to wait a couple of weeks and do the peel again. I’ll keep you posted.

SkinCare: Reading Recommendation

For those of you who read my blog for my skincare posts, please check out this blog. It’s written by Nikki Zevola, who is a medical student in Dermatology at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. She often shares things she’s learned in school as well as studies she’s reading, products she’s come across, etc. I find her blog absolutely invaluable in my quest for the best skincare.

Skincare: Aspirin Mask Revisited

I promised to let you all know how the aspirin mask worked out.

In short: FABULOUS!

It sucked all the gunk out of my pores, lifted out blackheads I didn’t even know I had, and tightened up my pores marvelously. The only complaint I have is that my skin peeled a bit the next day due to the drying action. Now I know to follow it up with an ultra-rich moisturizer. (Or the homemade super moisturizer mask of heavy cream with honey)

I’ll be doing the mask again today.

Next stop: finding a way to stabilize it in packaging so it can be used without spoiling rather than made anew each time.

Skincare: Aspirin Mask

There are those who follow my blog to hear my skincare tips; this one’s for you.

One of my favorite reads is the Beauty and Personal Grooming blog, at http://myblogonbeauty.blogspot.com

The author is chock-full of fantastic tips on natural, homemade beauty supplies, made with items regularly found in your kitchen. I’m a huge fan!

Today, I’m trying her Aspirin Mask

It makes sense that aspirin, as an anti-inflammatory and Beta Hydroxy Acid, would be helpful to your skin. Salicylic Acid is the ingredient used for acne products and a number of anti-aging products. Aspirin is just Acetylsalicylic acid. It certainly feels nice on my face right now. I used about 8 baby aspirins, dissolved in a bit less than a teaspoon of warm water, and then mixed with about a tablespoon of plain, nonfat, organic yogurt. I painted it over my whole face, and am sitting in front of a fan (It’s still hot here!) while it dries. Supposedly it will help shrink pores, dry out blackheads and take down inflammation on skin, as well as fading marks left over from blemishes.

I’ll let you all know how it works. So far so good, though.

Definitely check out the Beauty and Personal Grooming Blog. Her recipes often inspire some of my own. (I typically take a basic recipe, and either combine it with another or add or subtract ingredients based on what they do for your skin) So stay tuned: I will likely modify and improve the aspirin mask.

Skincare: SkinCare Line

We attended a community event last night. At the event, I was complimented on my skin a couple of times, and have been asked by more than one person in the last week when I am going to gett off my ass and actually sell the products I use on myself. (They said it way more politely than that, but the point was clear)

So I am taking that as a sign and going to develop some new products. I’ll have to scour some dollar stores and whatnot for decent glass jars – I’d like the old jam jars that seal with a hinge and gasket like this:

If you know where to find these cheap and/or in bulk I would appreciate a heads-up. Otherwise I may have to ebay. I also found a place that makes labels cheap or free. So I’m working on it.

Jen if you’re reading, thanks for the extra push!!

Skincare: Skincare Line?

I’ve been experimenting with making some new skincare products. If I were to open an etsy shop, would anyone be interested?

Link to my previous blog on my skincare regime.

I’ve been getting creative, and testing the products on myself. I have to say my skin is nicer than it’s been in some time, and the worry lines on my forehead are almost gone!

Some recent creations that I’ve been testing:

  • brown sugar and heavy cream moisturizing face wash
  • brown sugar lip scrub
  • coffee exfoliating/refining scrub
  • milk and honey soothing mask
  • cocoa butter moisturizing melt
  • baking soda and sea salt foot soak

I also love making scented products. They’d be all natural, and the line could potentially include lotion, linen spray, body wash, moisturizer, body butter, and perfume-style scent.

Any interest? Any thoughts?

Skincare: I don’t have naturally nice skin, but I fake it REALLY well.

I’ve found some products lately that have made an incredible difference in my routine, for really cheap. You do not have to go with the expensive products as long as you know which ones can be substituted, and where you really do need the quality.

I don’t have naturally nice skin, but I fake it really well. It’s also ultra-dry and often flaky and dull. Oh, and I’m 35 and used to have terrible acne. I was on Accutane three times as a teenager, and still have breakouts if I don’t follow this regime. Below is what I use.

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